Some of my early concept renderings of the Magellan along with a shuttle design.

Early Rick Sternbach Magellan ship design roughs.

Rick Sternbach Magellan ship design.

Just wanted to show a bit of the development that has gone into the Magellan ship design for the upcoming film Command Magellan.  Final Magellan design is by legendary space and science fiction artist Rick Sternbach.  I developed some early concept renderings of the Magellan as seen here and then moved to alien creature design and Magellan Scout Ship design working with CG artists extraordinaire Johan Steen and Leon Maki Maki Kitchlew.  

Some of Rick Sternbach's clients include NASA, Sky and Telescope, SmithsonianAnalogAstronomy, The Planetary Society, and Time-Life Books and many more as well as designing ships from Star Trek, such as Voyager and Deep Space Nine as well as countless props and set pieces from the various series.  It's quite an honor to be involved in this project and work with such an amazing production team.